About Elya Group

ELYA International Project Group; Besides building investment projects domestically for more than 25 years, it also provides advanced construction services in addition to its investments in the international arena.

With the innovative spirit in its characteristics, it has always been one of the inspirations of the industry that is followed and appreciated. It has always raised the bar to the next level by resolutely reaching the targets and the firsts it aims separately in each project.

While exporting its construction experience of more than 25 years abroad, it has always closely followed the rapidly developing technology of our age and applied it with great care and success in its projects.

ELYA International Project Group has proven its competence in each project by completing advanced complex projects on time without sacrificing quality and fast production.

While carrying out various infrastructure projects in the public sector, including water treatment plants, power stations, bridges, airports, cultural and educational facilities, it has also carried out numerous projects such as industrial facilities, high-quality residences, multi-story buildings, residences, and villas in the private sector.

Today ELYA International Project Group is carrying out various construction projects in Turkey, Israel, Poland, and Romania and continues to develop new-generation global projects for new investment and contracting markets in many countries all over the world.

ELYA Center Shopping Mall & ELYA Royal Tower High-Quality Residence mixed residence - office project; is an investment project designed by ELYA International Project Group above the standards that have emerged as a result of many years of experience of ELYA International Project Group.